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  This is the need of the hour. If you are an Accounting professional, Tax consultant or even students pursuing a course in accounting or finance you require knowledge on GST (Goods and Services Tax) as well as skill to move ahead in your career.


  • 1. GET A COMPLETE PROGRAMME IN GST – You can understand various terms such as Input Tax Credit, Reverse Charge Mechanism easily.

  • 2. GET PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE – Our Simulation Software will give hands-on experience to do various tasks such as Registration, Payment of Tax, GST Returns etc.

  • 3. CERTIFICATION –You get certificate from GST CENTRE ® as well as certificate from National Council for Technology & Training, New Delhi.

  • 4. SUPPORT FROM GST CENTRE –You can get support from Faculty through our Forum / Whatsapp Chat.


  • 1. GET A GOOD JOB – Our Program will enrich your knowledge and skill and thereby will get a good job by excelling in interviews. Whether it is a manufacturing or a service industry, every company need to maintain proper books of accounts and for this purpose, they will be requiring Accounts Executive, Accounts Manager or even Chartered Accountants who have good knowledge on GST, so there is a huge demand for the Certified GST Professionals.

  • 2. GET A PROMOTION – If you are already an Accountant, just think are you just an Accountant? To make a good career, you should be expert in Taxation, Financial Management etc. GST knowledge is essential for your career.


GST CENTRE ® is the First and Best Trainer of GST in India.That’s why we call as “Where India learns GST”

Now GST CENTRE ® has launched a Learning Kit for Students to experience best learning.


  • 1.  All GST CENTRE ® approved courses will be done only with the Learning Kit.

  • 2. Learning Kit comes with Study Materials, Pen Drive – Video Tutorials, Simulation Software, Note Book and Seed Pen.

  • 3. This Kit will be available for Self Learning at MRP Rs. 6,500/- only.

  • 4. For Direct Class Room Training, Advisors can collect additional charges for Faculty Charges.

5. All students will get Certificate from GST CENTRE ® and National Council for Technology & Training, New Delhi.

If any programme is conducted without this Learning Kit, learners are advised to inform us at or Mobile No. +91 9562 407 773.


 Study Materials

  We provide Printed Study Materials for each course. We support our students with Printed Study Materials. Study Materials are prepared by Chartered Accountants / Tax Experts.

 Pen Drive with Video Tutorials

  We are providing a Pen Drive which is highly secured and contains encrypted Video Tutorials. It runs in laptop of the Student for six months.

 Simulation software

  We provide Simulation Software in which students can do practicing various tasks related to GST. We are facilitating registration, tax payment, e-way bill, return filing etc. through this software. Students will be excited to get such a hands-on training.

 Note Book

 Seed Pen – In Association with Pure Living

Certificate from

 GST CENTRE ®- Promoted by TEACH GROUP, Approved by Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, New Delhi.

 National Council for Technology & Training, New Delhi.