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    Counterfeit is now everywhere. From fake pen drives to power banks, and rip-offs of luxury brands such as Rolex & Gucci, to spare parts for automobiles, there are counterfeit copies of almost every brand, and every product. In 2013 alone, the shady business of fakes & counterfeit goods was worth Rs. 31 lakh crore!*

Do some people have fake certificates?

    Unfortunately, yes. Most premium brands are targeted by counterfeiters, and GST CENTRE ® is no exception. So there have been some rare instances of fake/ counterfeit GST CENTRE ® Units and certificates. Recently, a top Audit Firm approached GST CENTRE ® to verify the genuineness of a job applicant’s certificate. The certificate turned out to be fake, and the candidate did not get the job. Worse, she was blacklisted by that company.

I had a promising career ahead of me, with a Job Offer from a Dubai based Construction Company. But when they checked, it turned out to my GST CENTRE ® certificate was fake! I had to waste time & money to solve the problem, and it did get solved, but I lost out on my amazing job offer as well. I wish I had verified my certificate beforehand. - Aswathy

Genuine GST CENTRE ® Certificate Advantage

What is Genuine GST CENTRE ® Certificate Advantage?
At GST CENTRE ®, we are committed to protecting our students and the industry from counterfeiters of our certificates. Genuine GST CENTRE ® Certificate Advantage is an easy way to get your certificate verified. For employers, this program is their assurance that you are qualified, skilled, and job-ready.

How do I check the Genuineness of Certificate Received?
  • Visit the Home Page of
  • Enter your Certificate Number in ‘VERIFY YOUR CERTIFICATE’ page.
  • It will automatically display the Student Name with Credentials.
  • Also check the TEACH Group hologram affixed on your certificate.

  • The program validates your information & tells you right away if your certificate is genuine.

    I get Genuine GST CENTRE ® Certificate Advantage?

  • Brand recognition with employers/ industry

  • Easy authentication of your certificate by your employer, as and when they want to

  • Affiliate Facility and earn more income

  • One Year Free E-Learning Facility

  • Authentication by embassies/ govt. authorities as and when required

  • Search-friendly CV

  • Don’t wait any longer!

    Verify Your Certificate Now


    If you come across any case where Fake Certificate or Courses are run in the name of GST CENTRE ® we will be rewarding you for the information

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