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GST CENTRE ® is the best place where you can learn GST.

We also have other Courses on Accounting, Tally, MS Office, Quick Books, Finance, Taxation etc. to make it a complete Hub for Accounting and Finance Professionals.
GST CENTRE® is a project of Topmans Education And Career Horizons (P) Ltd. (TEACH), a Company incorporated under Companies Act 2013, India and Approved by Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India. We are also certified with ISO 9001:2015. We have built an enviable reputation for quality and integrity. GST CENTRE® and “Diploma in Goods & Services TaxTM are the trademarks of TEACH Pvt. Ltd.


It is promoted by Chartered Accountants & Industry Experts. GST CENTRE® has the mission to provide Quality Education in GST to all people including Entrepreneurs, Employees, Govt. Officials and Students.

  • E-Learning.
  • Direct Training in GST CENTRE®.
  • On-Campus Training Programmes.
  • Corporate Workshops.
  • National & International Certifications.

I am very proud and confident to say that we are the No.1 Trainers for GST in INDIA.

  • Promoted by Chartered Accountants
  • Approved by Govt. of India
  • Certified with ISO 9001:2015
  • Accredited with National and International Certifications
  • Supported with World Class Education System and Technology
  • Simple and Transparent Centre System.
  • Expert Faculties and Management Team.
  • Backed with Trademarks and Copy rights
  • Customized Courses in GST and related fields.
  • Industry Oriented Courses and Recognized Syllabus
  • World Class Learning Management System
  • Proven Placement System for all students
  • Affordable Fees and
  • Hybrid / Blended Learning System ensuring Education for all.
  One who started TEACH   GROUP and GST CENTRE ®. He’s one with the big dreams. GST Centre is a reflection of his excellence and foresight. From a small Training Centre, now we are present in all States of India with a family of hundreds of successful people with strong values. He continues to inspire the GST CENTRE® family with his innate spark to innovate. We are into upcoming projects with his never ending enthusiasm.
  Being Managing Director with Master Degree in Social Welfare, her vision is to make each student a successful citizen for the Nation. The founding principle of GST CENTRE® is to provide training with Quality, Reliability and Dependability. She manages all critical operations and taking care of ethical standards and timeliness in execution. She ensures all our partners are moving in the same right direction for making a successful career for our students.
  Standing with the TEACH GROUP for the last 6 years, he is a key person to develop the Video Tutorials for the Students. He coordinates all stages of video development, from initial concept art, to finalization and delivery. He identifies how to ensure student satisfaction. He cannot compromise the quality of the Video Tutorials delivered to Students. He is also a Certified Assessor for Skill Development Programs of Govt. of India.
  He is a Chartered Accountant and a great leader. With his excellent professional experience, he made the things better for GST CENTRE ®. His Valuable Advises made it stronger and he formulated various corporate strategies to make it the No.1 brand in India. He is a crucial decision maker whenever the Company wanted. It greatly supplement with his knowledge and expertise in understanding global trends.
  With more than 25 years of experience in Educational Industry and Franchise Development, He came forward to develop the network for GST CENTRE ®. His great style of communication and cheerfulness made it easy to expand us across the nation. He was instrumental in launching the Consultants Network for GST CENTRE ®. He treats each person approaching him valuable and think always how we can make life better together.

Our Vision

To be A student-centred, dynamic and innovative, world-class Online and Direct Training Institute promoting excellence in various fields of Accounting, Tax, Finance, Software and Management and producing lifelong learners who can compete globally.

Our Mission

To be the premier educational institution in providing high-quality, affordable and accessible educational Programmes serving the needs of business, industry and the diverse campus communities and facilitating the personal and professional development of its students, partners, faculty and staff.

Our Customer Policy

We are committed to anticipating and delivering industry relevant training Programmes and certifications that exceed the changing needs of customers worldwide with excellent support system.

Our Values

  • Fostering and Maintaining a culture which is aligned with the institution’s mission and vision, and capable of honest, transparent and critical self-evaluation;
  • Creating the conditions for improving the quality of the learning experience by continuously monitoring and evaluating the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Providing supportive services and a stimulating learning climate which encourage student retention and achievement;
  • Establishing and maintaining a quality assurance system which ensures the continuous improvement of relationships with Partners / Centres.
  • Providing mechanisms and Ensuring responsibility and accountability in all relationships with its stakeholders including: students, faculty, staff, partners, the government and society.