To deliver the best quality training to learners we have developed a GST CENTRE Portal for our learners. We deliver this Simulation based learning Software for learning as one of the most effective training methods available today.

Learners who have a hands-on knowledge and use of this Portal have more confidence and mastery of needed job skills and fewer errors as well. These practical approaches to training enable learners to test out and experiment, understand how systems work, and learn from mistakes without fear of repercussions.

It’s available in approved Partner Institutions and delivered by certified Trainers.
  • 1. GST Registration
  • 2. Generating E-way Bill.
  • 3. Filing GSTR-3B Return.
  • 4. Tax Payment by creating Challan.
  • 5. Filing GSTR-1 Return.

Here are top benefits of GST CENTRE Portal for learners in our Partner Institutions.

1. Leaves Nothing to the Imagination

A traditional classroom approach leaves the functionality of GST to the imagination of the learners. GST CENTRE Portal gives a visual demonstration of how things are practically supposed to be done. Instead of giving learners the description of the software’s interface, it shows the learner its actual working. Simulations leave no scope for any doubts or misinterpretations, and result in a highly superior learning experience.

2. Risk-free environment

Learners may hesitate when introduced to GST and various procedures for fear of making mistakes. GST Common Portal is not an exemption. With simulation training, learners are able to overcome such fears earlier and have fewer of them long term. By reducing these risks, learners gain confidence faster and are able to recall training in order to learn from previous mistakes made in a no-risk training environment.

3. Immediate Feedback

While undertaking a GST task, if a learner makes any mistake, the trainer immediately give the feedback and improve upon their mistakes and capitalize on their strengths. As the feedback happens in the continuity of the simulation, it doesn’t dampen the morale of the learners; rather it pushes them to do better. It is best if instructors provide this feedback immediately or soon after training sessions have concluded. GST CENTRE Portal training allows for immediate feedback from instructors, giving learners opportunities to master new skills faster.

4. Real-Life Experiences

We provide an Exercise Book which contains actual sample scenarios, situations, or examples that can be tested. GST CENTRE Portal training helps to understand procedures or processes that Accountants must use when working on GST. With experiential learning, learners gain deeper knowledge and insights rather than reading about or watching a PowerPoint presentation or demo. Simulation training helps learners experience real-world examples and get up to speed faster.

5. Knowledge Retention

By physically deploying new skills or actions, learners are more likely to retain insights and learned knowledge. Not only will learners retain the theory and broader concepts behind the new processes, they will also be able to apply those principles to practice, further enhancing knowledge retention. Learners will be learning how to do GST Registration, generating E-way Bill, Filing Returns, Paying taxes etc.

6. Cooperation and Competition

Learning new skills and talents with others can be beneficial in several respects. For one, learner can learn from each other through observation and collaboration. Cooperation can have long-lasting benefits as learners trained together reach out to offer tips or help each other master new work. In some institutions, friendly competition is appropriate and can be factored into simulation training, as long as it is done in a constructive and productive manner.

7. Promotes Independent Learning

Text-based application courses are required to give in-depth instructions. GST CENTRE Portal on the other hand, uses an interactive virtual environment that just gives simple pointers to learners on how to proceed. Using this basic path, learners go on to discover the functionality of the application on their own. This triggers a sense of curiosity among learners and makes them active participants in the GST learning process.

It clear from the above benefits that GST CENTRE learners are more skilled when compared with others. Our GST CENTRE Portal delivers its instructive aim concisely.

We will teach you well!!!