We provide Self-Learning Kits for becoming a master in GST. Our Learning Kits will make you a professional in GST.
GST CENTRE ® has made various facilities for learning GST with us. The section takes you through various facilities offered to students to complete our programmes.
Animation Videos
Are you a fresher to GST? Can you imagine that you can understand the GST Concepts within few hours? We have made custom animated videos for easily understanding the GST concepts. Few Videos are given below.
Simulation Software
Skill Development will be provided through Simulation Software. This software will enable the student to do real time practice i.e. Registration, Payment of Tax etc.
Case Studies
Case Study gives a Situation / Problem. Detailed Videos are given in Learning Management System. This will help you to understand the particular provision clearly. Watch Video Tutorial for detailed understanding.
Simplified Study Materials
It’s always a challenge to learn any law. Law is very difficult to understand unless you learn it from Experts who can teach you in a simple way. We provide various Study Materials which is specially designed for understanding the concepts easily.

Detailed Video Tutorials
We have provided Video Tutorials for each Chapter. Login Access to Learning Management System is provided with the Kit. You can get Tutorials, Demos for various GST tasks etc. You can access various Videos anywhere anytime in Mobile or System.

Basics of GST

Persons liable for registration

Journal Entries - Inter-state Transaction

E-way Bill Introduction

Self-Examination Questions
Self-Examination Questions are given at the end of each Chapter.Attend these questions to analyse your understanding. Key Answers are given at the end of the Study Material.Similar Questions will appear in Exam also.
Various exercises are developed to test your practical knowledge. There will be Case Studies and Scenarios for Solving.